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Back in the time of Greek mythology, the Argo sailed through the Black Sea to acquire the fleece of the golden-haired, winged ram in the land of Colchis. The Greeks have always had a deep love for everything beautiful, from gold, to physical appearance. Aphrodite created the quintessential beauty ideal which symbolized pure femininity, elegance and grace.

As time went by and old empires disappeared to make place new ones to be built, women were drawn to new cosmetics, ancient knowledge about natural ingredients for beauty was forgotten. Argo Naturals deeply dives into the culture of local people in the remotest regions of the world to go back in time and revive the forgotten natural ingredients of the ancient beauty treatments, revealing these time-proven beauty secrets. Argo Naturals provides skin care products based on natural, organic ingredients to the modern woman, ensuring that she feels like a true goddess.